Subaru BRZ STi teased

A hotter, faster, more powerful Subaru BRZ is on its way!

Yes, in a move that is sure to send ripples of happiness throughout the motoring world, Subaru has confirmed* it will build a BRZ STi.

Well kind of…

While no official statement has been made, these teaser images of the BRZ have just appeared on STi’s official Japanese website with the words ‘Coming soon’.

That’s not an official confirmation, but unless STi is being a horrible tease, it’s pretty close.

Subaru Australia couldn’t confirm the car’s existence, telling Wheels it has had no information from STi and maintained the company’s flagship BRZ remains, for now at least, the recently launched ‘S’ model.

As you’d expect, given the shortage of information, there’s no word on specifications or what the finished car will look like.

Stay tuned for more details.

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