New VF Monaro: secret design revealed!

The legendary Holden Monaro is back! Well…sort of.

Seen here in concept form, these VF Monaro sketches are the brainchild of design firm Dsine International, working in collaboration with Holden designers Simon Gow and Peter Hughes.

Created in secret, out of office hours, sadly this two-door coupe version of the new VF Commodore is simply a design exercise and is unlikely to ever reach production.

Revealed on its Facebook page, Dsine International said of the concept:

"If we could we would! This is a concept put together by Dsine International with the help from Simon Gow and Peter Hughes from GMA (Holden) design. It was done after hours and is just a representation of what a VF coupe could look like ... We would all love a new Monaro!"


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