The most sexist car ads

Sexist car ad BMW

We’ve all done it.

Stumbled upon on old photo album and decided to give it a flick for a rose-tinted hit of nostalgia and to have a fond chuckle at family Christmas snaps from 20 years ago. That laugh, however, quickly turns to horror as you instead focus on your daggy jeans, your cringe worthy sunglasses and horrible haircuts

We imagine that’s how the marketing teams that signed off on these embarrassingly sexist ads must be feeling.

The truly shocking thing, however, is that while sexism in advertising should have been stamped out decades ago, half of these commercials weren’t created in the Mad Men era. They’re modern. 

Ultra Tune tops most complained about ads list of 2016


Pontiac sexist car ad


Volkswagen sexist car ad


Mini sexist car ad


Dodge fever sexist car ad

Ulster Trader

Ulster Trader sexist car ad

Volkswagen #2

VW sexist car ad


Fisker sexist car ad


Subaru GL Coupe sexist car ad


BMW sexist car ad


Hurst sexist car ad

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