Brabus reveals 545kW S-Class bruiser

Remember the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG super-limo we showed you a fortnight ago?

The 430kW/900Nm S Class that blended all of Merc’s performance prowess with first-class lounge levels of luxury?

Well it seems Brabus – the German tuner infamous for taking ordinary Mercs and turning them into kilowatt-bending, torque-churning monsters – looked at the S63’s performance and laughed.

What you see here is the Brabus version of the S63 – a 545kW/1064Nm belter called the B63S-730. Or in simple terms, the most powerful performance pack Brabus offers.

Basically Brabus has taken the standard S63 and turned everything up to 11. That includes using gold heat reflection (like the McLaren F1) on the inlet pipes, two special Brabus turbos with more pressure and a new cooling system.

There’s also a new exhaust, engine mapping and ever a special aero kit to help reduce negative lift.

Oh and top speed? That’s electronicallylimited to 325km/h.

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