In pics: Clive Palmer's $20m car collection

He’s one of Australia’s richest men, wants to be our new PM and is building an exact replica of the Titanic and a modern day Jurassic Park, but not many people know Clive Palmer is also a massive petrol head.

The avid car enthusiast, who today has made headlines after telling Wheels the government should abandon the NBN and instead give Aussie motorists electric cars, has one of the nation’s biggest, and most expensive, car collections.

Palmer owns ‘over 150’ cars worth more than $20 million, with his collection boasting 11 Rolls-Royces, rare Bugatti’s, Ferraris and even a 1965 ‘Newcastle Rambler.’

Click through the gallery see Palmer’s extensive garage and pick up the latest edition of Wheels, on sale now, for Clive’s exclusive interview.

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