First look! Australia's most powerful car

After months of speculation they’re here – official images of Australia’s most powerful car: the 430kW HSV GTS.

Images and details of the entire HSV ‘Gen-F’ range have just been released – click through the gallery for every model, including images shot exclusively for Wheels - but it’s the supercharged GTS that’s the new hero car.

Boasting the most powerful engine ever fitted to a locally built car, the GTS is aiming to break Germany’s performance-sedan dominance.

Forget the BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG or even Porsche’s Panamera Turbo S – the GTS is the new kilowatt king.

Churning out 430kW/740Nm from its blown LSA V8, HSV has re-engineered the Gen-F GTS from the wheel nuts up to handle the extra grunt.

That entails not just a completely new rear suspension set-up, but also all-new steering, electrical architecture and brand new interiors.

Gen-F GTS also gets bigger brakes (390mm up front and 372mm at the rear) and ‘an extensive range of technological advancements’ including Bi-Modal Air intake, Magnetic Ride Control and Torque Vectoring.

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