World's fastest electric car

Electric cars are boring right?

Environmentally friendly vehicles designed by people with trees for thumbs and dirt for brains.

Not any more.

American car maker Detroit Electric has given the electric market a much needed jolt of excitement, unveiling this – the world’s fastest electric car.

Officially called the SP:01, this Lotus Elise lookalike will hit 250km/h and go 305km/h on a single charge.

It’s a car designed to take on the Fisker Automotive – a hybrid-electric sportscar made by Paypal mogul Elon Musk.

Just 999 examples of the SP:01 will be built, with production scheduled to begin in Detroit in August.

And as for the price? Detroit Electric says it will cost in excess of US$100,000.

Expect that figure to be significantly higher if it makes it to Australia.

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