World's safest car

It’s official: Volvo has built the world’s safest car. And it doesn’t just protect drivers.

In a safety breakthrough, the brand’s new V40 – which has scored the highest safety rating ever – features a revolutionary pedestrian airbag.

The technology ejects an airbag from in front of the windscreen to act as a cushion between pedestrians and the hard parts of the car’s engine and body.

It comes as standard on the new V40 hatch which also boasts Volvo’s Collision Warning and auto brake systems, which use sensors to avoid crashes at speeds under 35km/h, if the driver fails to react.

The car also has blind spot and pedestrian protection, which calculates whether a pedestrian will step in front of the vehicle.

Inside the car you’ll find hordes of airbags (including new ones for your knees), with the V40 also featuring Adaptive Cruise Control, Park Assist Pilot and Active High Beam.

It even has sensors that reads road signs to let you know if you’re speeding and a unique Cross Traffic Alert system that warns drivers of coming traffic while reversing, say out of a driveway.

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