Nissan turns a new LEAF

Enviro types rejoice!

Nissan has given its electric, earth-hugging, LEAF a makeover – with more than 100 significant changes.

Headlining the improvements are a boost in range, a much-needed drop in price and better charging performance.

Nissan also says the new car will be more comfortable, better to drive and charge in half the time of the current model.

Range of the zero emissions car – which can be charged at home through a ‘home charging station’ - has been boosted from 175km to 200km.

Three versions are also now available – meaning a greater choice for customers – with the new LEAF also featuring ‘greater recyclability’ and a roomier interior.

The makeover is a great example of Nissan listening to its customers, with nearly all the changes coming at the request of current LEAF owners.

Nissan has sold some 50,000 LEAFs worldwide since its launch in 2011.

The new model will be shown at next week’s Geneva Motor Show and also be built outside Japan for the first time, with new production plants in Europe and North America.

No word yet when Australia will receive the new models.

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