BMW i8 Concept Spyder revealed

BMW has revealed a new open-top Spyder version of its 260kW plug-in hybrid i8 Concept sportscar, prior to its full reveal at the Beijing Motor Show on 23 April.

The new model is said to hint at a production sister car to the futuristic new BMW i8 Coupe that's due to go on sale in 2014.

The BMW i8 Concept Spyder has a distinctive open cockpit design that features upward-swiveling windowless doors. These pivot around the A-pillar and are even more dramatic than the similar doors seen on the i8 Concept Coupe.

Powering the BMW i8 Concept Spyder is a 96kW electric motor, a battery pack and a 164kW three-cylinder turbo petrol engine. These all work in a plug-in hybrid setup: the batteries can be plugged into the mains and carry enough charge for a 30km range on electric power alone.

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