Car of the Year 2014: People's Choice

People’s choice revealed! Yep, you voted and of this year’s contenders, the People’s Choice Car of the Year award goes to… the all-new Mercedes-Benz C Class.

Watch the video to see why.

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  • Well it's a big seller in aus, and maybe with demise of falode will grow. Folk will look for big car feel and luxury in smaller economical car and what else offers it? Holden's offering is so boring I can't even recall its name, mondeo is great but old old old. Plus it's rear driven. Anyway people's choice isn't most realistic car, it's what people would like.
  • as Thatcher would ask "who are these people, what are their names?" I don't think the majority would really like to spend 60k+ for a mid size sedan that has an option list as long as your arm and frighteningly expensive, then coughing up heaps for a yearly service. Oh well no surprise