Car of the Year 2014 Finalist: BMW i3

Until now, pure electric cars have been curios. Exciting and quirky forerunners of our post- internal combustion future, compromised in execution and priced well beyond their consumer value.

Not anymore. The BMW i3 is a $60,000 hatchback, yes. But it justifies that price better than any electric car to date. It delivers what a prestige hatchback should in equipment, cachet and performance. 

And it delivers zero fuel consumption and zero emission driving.

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  • ......and I wonder what the total lifecycle emissions of a vehicle like this are - including the emissions that occurred while manufacturing it, its batteries and ultimate disposal
  • No electric car has zero emission driving unless the electricity generated to charge it up was 100% renewable (e.g. hydro/wind/solar). if the car is driven/charged in Melbourne then it's emision will have occurred in the Latrobe valley via browncoal fired generators
  • Hang on a minute, he says "until now applied to coal powered cars". Since when is refined oil, coal?..and errr..our electricity is overwhelmingly from coal fire power, the ONLY reliable source of baseload power in Australia. Design flare? interior yes? exterior ...OMG...