WHEELS is Australia’s longest running and bestselling dedicated motoring magazine. WHEELS delivers an aspiring audience who turn to and trust their magazine for credible and timely information on all aspects of motoring.

Published continually since 1953, WHEELS was first to announce the Car of the Year. Wheels Car of the Year Award continues to be the most respected and influential award of its type in the country, each year generating headlines across television and radio networks as well as extensive newsprint coverage endorsing WHEELS’ credibility.

WHEELS is the market leader in motoring media and influences the motoring agenda more than any other publication. Published monthly, WHEELS attracts a high quality predominantly male readership that shares the magazine’s appreciation of technical excellence. Wheels is much more than another car magazine to our readers, WHEELS is a lifestyle magazine with personality, opinion and perspective.

WHEELS publishes in print, online, iPad and mobile every month.

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